How to Move More while Social Distancing

With workout studios closed and all of us spending more time inside, you may be feeling less motivated than usual. If you’re struggling to get back on your A-game, keep reading for some ways to stay active while social distancing.

Try an online workout class.

Has your favorite studio closed down for the foreseeable future? You may not be able to attend your favorite classes in person, but thankfully, most studios have been putting free classes online for everyone to take advantage of! Feel like pushing yourself in a HIIT workout? Try Orange Theory Fitness. Craving a yoga flow? Core Power has tons of options, from stretch-based classes to high-intensity sculpts, so there’s something for everyone.  

Switch up your workouts.

If you’re working out more than usual, make sure to switch it up. If you’re performing the same exercise too often, it’s probably not benefiting you. Your workouts may feel less challenging, and the entire process could begin to feel too easy. Frankly, you don’t want your body becoming too familiar with the same exercises, or else you won’t see the results you’re striving for.Don’t let your hard work go to waste! Try to alternate between strength, cardio, and flexibility training.

Make sure to rest.

Taking days off is equally important as pushing yourself during workouts. If you don’t take the time to recover your body, your muscles won’t repair themselves properly - which can affect results. If rest days are hard for you to wrap your head around, try taking a light stroll around the neighborhood. That way, you’re getting active, but not pushing yourself more than you need to.

Get outside if you can.

Doing at-home workouts are great, but going outside every now and then is important to get some fresh air and mental clarity. If you can’t go far, walking around the block is all you really need, or you can even take your workout outside! And, if it’s not closed, do some exercises in the park near your home (we like using stairs for jump squats and step-ups).

Fuel your body pre and post workout.

Sure, the actual workout itself is important, but what you fuel your body with before and after makes all the difference. Practicing proper nutrition can make you push your body more during exercise, and aids in faster recovery. Research shows that some nutrients, particularly protein and carbs, are recommended over others, which is why we recommend grabbing one of our Overnight Oats Bars (packed with hand-rolled oats and 10 grams of whey protein) after your next run or at-home workout video!

Ready to (literally) hit the ground running? Follow these noteworthy tips above and we’re confident that you’ll be on track to an all-star fitness status. Also, make sure to let us know which flavor has been your go-to for fueling your workouts on our Instagram page!

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