Back to School Recipe: Overnight Oats Bar Skewers!

We get it...with the kids going back to school (whether it’s virtually or not), your days are about to get way busier. It’s not always easy to come up with snacks or lunches that are healthy, satisfying, and are ‘picky eater approved.’ Need a quick, healthy, back to school recipe that’s easy to prep for their lunches or an afternoon snack? These Fruit & Oat Skewers are sure to do the trick:


  • Skewers
  • 1 Overnight Oats Bar flavor of your choice
  • Sliced fruit (we like bananas, strawberries, and grapes, but feel free to experiment!)
  • Toppings or coatings, if you prefer them (psst...dip them in melted chocolate to take these to the next level)


  1. Cut Overnight Oats Bar and fruit into bite size pieces (thick enough to put onto skewers).
  2. Place ingredients on the skewer, alternating between the Overnight Oats Bar pieces and fruit slices.
  3. Dip in melted chocolate or drizzle with powdered sugar or honey, if desired!
  4. ENJOY!

That's it. Time spent on your morning routine, cut down. When you try this out, let us know what you think! Happen to take your own twist on our recipe? Share a photo on Instagram and be sure to tag us @overnightoatsbar!

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