Overnight Oats Bars in Your Favorite Recipes!

There are so many ways to enjoy your favorite Overnight Oats Bar when you get creative with it.

In today’s blog, we’re taking this opportunity to showcase some of our talented followers' content with ways to add Overnight Oats Bar to some of your favorite snacks! Adding Overnight Oats Bar to recipes adds a level of protein and fiber that the recipe might’ve lacked before. Whether you try these suggested snacks or whip up something of your own, you’ll be feeling fueled and full after indulging. 

DIY Samoas! 

This month we’re highlighting an iconic recreation of one of everyone’s favorite pastime snacks: Samoa Girl Scout Cookies! @eatsbyramya on Instagram DIY’d her own healthy version of a classic Samoa by crushing up two Overnight Oats Bars and stirring in 1tbsp of maple syrup and 1tbsp of coconut flakes! From there, she molded the mix into the shape of the cookie and poked a hole in the middle to get the real Samoa look. Finishing it with a good drizzle of melted chocolate and 20 minutes in the fridge, these babies were ready to enjoy! That easy! Thanks, @eatsbyramya for inspiring us with this simple but sooooo yummy DIY recipe! Check out her page for more healthy food hacks.

Protein on Protein Balls

Another one of our fav Instagram foodies came up with a super sweet protein ball recipe, of course, using Overnight Oats Bars as the main ingredient 🤤. This recipe by @wellnessfoodie on Instagram is a little more tricky than the first, but the final product is so worth it! Check out her caption on this post for how to perfectly execute this recipe. These protein balls are so good, they’ll be gone before you even can restock on more Overnight Oats Bars!

Overnight Oats Bar is challenging YOU to channel your inner foodie and turn your favorite bars into delicious and fun to look at creations!

Make your own rendition of a bar, roll them into protein balls, maybe even use them as a topping to another dish! Whatever you come up with, we wanna see it! Tag us on Instagram @overnightoatsbar 😋 and make sure to look out for next month’s blog post to be featured. 👀

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