Planning a Spring Hike, 101

Planning a Spring Hike, 101.

Hiking season is soon to be in full effect! Need a pick-me-up? Grab an Overnight Oats Bar and let’s go! We don’t know about you, but we’ve been anticipating warm weather and the hikes, meanders, and sights that it brings. Before, or after (or both) a good calorie burner of a hike, an Overnight Oats Bar is the perfect way to replenish your body. But what is involved before you get moving?☀️

Plan ✍️ and ✍️ prosper ✍️

Before you go on a hike, plan it out! Figure out all the details of your day from who you’re going to hike with, to where you’re gonna hike, and how you’re going to keep yourself energized for the journey. Make sure you have proper hydration, shoes, clothing, and don’t forget to apply sunscreen! We put a great list right below, check each item off before you go!

  • Water
  • Sun protection- Hat, Sunglasses, sunscreen…
  • An extra layer, just in case the weather does get feisty. 
  • A snack or two- That’s where we come in, and when your friends will be most grateful!
  • Pen/small notebook- You never know what you might find, or draw, or need!
  • A whistle- Seldom used but darn useful. 
  • Longer hike? Maybe bring a first aid kit with a small flashlight.
  • A bandana- This is one of those things that isn’t useful until it’s real nice to have!

It’s all in the details.

If your followers don’t know you’re on a hike, did you really go on a hike?! 😱 Another step that we feel is almost necessary in 2021 is to dress to impress, even when you’re working out! Put on your favorite sunnies, maybe a hat, and your cutest athletic set because when you look good, you automatically feel good! 💅  Just be sure you have good footwear.

Have it your way!

Our favorite way to enjoy an Overnight Oats Bar is to eat it cold right from the fridge, but they store perfectly fine in the pantry, your car, backpack, or wherever else you choose to conveniently keep them. So, plan ahead and make sure you always have enough Overnight Oats Bars for you (and your friends too), that way you don’t have to slow down or add any empty calories while you’re on the go. 😌

One Overnight Oats Bar has only 4g of sugar but 10g of whey protein to sustain you as the perfect breakfast replacement or snack. 💪 After a long year in quarantine, we know that this spring is going to be an adventurous one! 

We hope this blog post inspires you to get outside and be active this season. 🏃‍♀️ Tag us on your posts @overnightoatsbar of you hiking with your friends, or however else you find ways to eat your fav Overnight Oats Bar.

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