What's Your Sign? What's Your Flavor?

If astrology isn’t real, why is there an Overnight Oats Bar that compliments each szn??

Which Overnight Oats Bar is perfect for you based on your Astrological Sign?

If astrology isn’t real, why is there an Overnight Oats Bar that compliments each szn?? It’s 2021, and if you still don’t believe in astrology, you’re probably a Virgo who doesn’t believe in ANYTHING without proof you can see (no offense to all the Virgos out there; we love your ability to challenge everything when others stay silent). Aries season has us fired up and antsy to get going on our personal goals and we wanted to use this energy to give you some insight on which Overnight Oats Bar is perfect for you, based on your astrological sign! 

Feel free to skip to your sign or read the entire blog for some fun facts about each!

Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries (December 22 - April 19). You’re classic, just like our Classic Blueberry. Our transition babies! As the weather goes from a cold dark winter in Capricorn and Aquarius months to warmer spring, and “act up” weather in Pisces and Aries, we feel that the Classic Blueberry is for you. 💙 Blue is a calming, and very spiritually deep color which can often be associated with truth and tranquility. In this statement alone, we can pick out each of the elements. 

♑️ Capricorn, you are ruled by the earth element and can be categorized as tranquil because of how you always have your sh*t together days, weeks, or even months in advance. No one is messing with your inner peace. An eye for anything antique and classic, Classic Blueberry is yours if you want it, Cap.

♒️ Aquarius is the air element representative in this category. Known as being quirky, odd, and utterly unique, your spirit is calming because of how in-tune you are with your own desires and emotions. Although classic is not always your style, the Blueberry Overnight Oats Bar will certainly have you feeling at peace.

♓️ Pisces, ruled by the water element, the Classic Blueberry might’ve been made for you. Commonly known as the dreamer of the zodiac, you are spiritually deep and love fantasy. You will find comfort in enjoying this flavor particularly because it will bring you one step closer to being the fantastical human being you are destined to be. Blue like the ocean Pisces! Think Classic Blueberry. 

♈️ Aries, the fire element of this category. As always, you might struggle to see how you fit in here. Well, one thing is for sure and that is you are never going to miss out on an opportunity to expose the truth which is why we feel that you would resonate most with our Blueberry Bar. There’s truth in the classics!

Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo (April 20 - August 22). Let’s go bananas with Banana Nut! The warm weather ones with a bit of spice! Does the attitude come with the warm weather? Maybe we should’ve left that comment to ourselves with this group of sassy queens. 🔥 The results are in and your go-to Overnight Oats Bar flavor is Banana Nut… no we’re not calling you nutty, Cancer. 

♉️ Taurus, our next earth sign, as long as you’re not allergic to nuts, this flavor will definitely please you. We know that Taurus people put so much emphasis on comfort and just overall being the most chill of the zodiac, and we know our Banana Nut Bar is just the flavor to make you feel at home when you eat it.

♊️ Gemini, our air element of this category. We could roast you by saying that you could’ve fit in any of the categories, but we won’t go there. We know that your ability to adapt to any situation you’re in is a strength of yours, contrary to what people think of you. Banana Nut is more of an acquired taste for many, and so are you. That’s why we put you here!

♋️ Cancer, the water element of the warm summer months. When Overnight Oats Bar thought to capture the classic banana nut flavor in one of our bars, we certainly wanted it to remind you of home-cooking, family, grandma’s secret recipe, all of that. You Cancer people embody loyalty and are very much family and friends-oriented which is why this nostalgic flavor is for you.

♌️ Leo, the feisty fire element of summer. People hate on Leos for being overly confident, but what’s wrong with romanticizing your life a little (or a lot)? Fit for a king or queen, we hope our Banana Nut Bar pleases you, Leo. We know how much you hate being put in a box. 

Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius (August 23 - December 21). Fall in love with Apple Cinnamon. Don’t worry, we saved the best for last. One commonality we can draw between these signs all is that you love a decision made for you. For Libra, and Sagittarius, you guys are just too carefree to be the decision-makers. And for Virgo, and Scorpio, try to not overthink everything into the ground. (Again, no shade ‘cause someone has to do the thinking.) We went ahead and made the decision for you this time and chose our beloved Apple Cinnamon Bar as your signature flavor. Add a little bit of ~spice~. 👏

♍️ Virgo, our in-tune earth element of the category. We really admire you, Virgo. Your analytical and hardworking nature makes you great people to be around because you push everyone to be their best selves. You’re the spice we all need in our lives which is why Apple Cinnamon is your perfect Overnight Oats Bar flavor.

♎️ Libra, representing the air element! Perhaps everyone’s favorite thing about Libra is your ability to effectively communicate your thoughts and feelings; making you so easy to talk to and get along with. Your indecisiveness in which you are most known for could be looked at as the spice added to what makes you, you. Our Apple Cinnamon bar just works for you. Trust us. Ok?

♏️ Scorpio, the spookiest of the water signs. You Scorpios can be really secretive which is why it was hard to come to a conclusion. But just past that RBF is a passionate, and super loyal friend. So yeah, we played you at your own game and asked your friends what you like. Turns out you find beauty in ~spicy~ things which is exactly why our Apple Cinnamon bar was madeeeeeee for you.

♐️ Sagittarius, the free-spirited fire sign. If you’re a Sagittarius and you’re reading this, we’re proud of you for making it this far because we know how impatient you can be. We’re going to be just as blunt with you as you would be with us by saying that you fit in the Apple Cinnamon category because tbh it’s the flavor that fits your spunky nature the best.

Now, this part is mostly just for our indecisive Libras, but Overnight Oats Bar also offers a sample pack that allows you to try one of each of our delicious flavors! We know astrology can be nuanced and we are actually made up of a combination of different elements and signs, so if you feel compelled to try the flavors outside of our recommendations, do it!

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